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Audiyo Studio Wireless Headphones

The Audiyo Studiois a Studio Quality Wireless headphone with the latest Active Noise Cancelling technology and it's designed to be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort this could be on a plane, the daily commute or in the studio.

Latest Active Noise Cancelling Technology

The Audiyo Studio  uses the latest Active Noise Cancelling to create a bubble to really get lost in your music. Turning on the Active noise cancelling (using the switch on the left headphone) will remove low level background frequencies while boosting the fidelity of your music. The quality of Noise Cancelling varies greatly from headphone to headphone in the marketplace, but the Active Noise Cancelling used in the Audiyo Studio is as good as the leading audio brands at half the price.

Using the built-in Noise Cancelling microphone it is possible to take phone calls hand-free, this is a secondary benefit of the Noise Cancelling technology.

Hi-Fidelity Immersive Music Playback

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology the Audiyo Studio produces a high fidelity sound available without wires. With an improved EQ performance to produce a deep bass with clear treble, the Studio will have you using them all the time.

Portable, Lightweight and Comfortable

Each Audiyo Studio  comes with a hard-shell travel case, ideal for keeping your Audiyo headphones in perfect condition for your next flight, commute or the next time you just want to block out the rest of the world. 

Audiyo Studio Features:

  • Hi-Fidelity music playback. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology for its faster data transfer speed to produce higher audio quality when listening to your favourite tunes. 
  • Latest Active Noise Cancellation technology that produces a deep and full immersive sound for music playback.
  • Deep, immersive sound, improved EQ performance compared to other wireless headphones.
  • Totally Wireless, comfortable leather padding and lightweight. Audiyo's Studio is designed to be worn comfortably for a long duration - only weighing 300 grams!
  • 10 hours music playback per charge (with Bluetooth & Active Noise Cancelling), up to 20 hours (with Active Noise Cancelling) when used with the included 3.5mm audio aux cable for a wired connection. Audiyo's  can be used as passive headphones when out of battery!

Technical Specifications:

Driver diameter: 40mm / Impedance: 32 Ohms / Rated Power: 20mW

Sensitivity: S.P.L: 110dB / S.P.L at 1KHz

Noise Cancelling: Active / Freq Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz

Bluetooth: 4.1 / Receiver Range: 20m / SNR: -92dBm

Charge Time: 2 hours.  / Battery Life: 10 hours (Noise Cancelling / Bluetooth - on) on 1 charge / 15 hours (with Noise cancelling).

What's inside the box?

1 x Audiyo Studio, 2 x 3.5mm audio aux cables, 1 x micro USB charging cable, 1 x Hard-shell travel case, 1 x Instructions.

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