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Audiyo Bangaz Stereo Wireless Speakers

Jet Black
Platinum Silver

The latest evolution of the Audiyo wireless speaker, the Audiyo Bangaz speaker lives up to its name. 

With a unique driver and a solid magnetic base it can be stuck to any iron-based service and fill a room with sound. 

Using it's unique metal driver and it's 360 degree direction allows the Audiyo Bangaz stereo speakers to turn any room or place into a party, with a battery that will keep the party going.

The Audiyo Bangaz uses Bluetooth 4.2 to deliver the best stereo sound available through 2 x 3 Watts speakers that produces crystal clear sound with a deep rich bass. 

Audiyo Bangaz Features:

The Audiyo Bangaz includes the latest wireless audio technology as well as some life style design features such as:

  • Highest wireless sound quality. 
  • Crystal clear mids/treble and a rich/deep bass.
  • Innovative and unique speaker driver produce Hi-Fi sound.
  • Magnetic base, allows the Audiyo Bangaz to be placed in varies places as well as snapped together into a pill or standing separately.
  • Modern design with a transparent case, so you can watch the speaker driver bounce when turning it up to 11. 
  • Auto-power off feature when not in use to save battery. 

 What comes in the box:

2 x Audiyo Bangaz Speakers, 1 x charging cable (split) and 1 x audio aux cable (split)

 The Technical Bit

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