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Audiyo i7 Technical Specifications

Audiyo i7

Technical Specifications

Audiyo i7 - The World's Smallest Wireless True Stereo Bluetooth earbuds

Innovative Paired Wireless Headset

Audiyo's i7s are the world's smallest and wireless earbuds. The earbud's size and ergonomic design makes it fit in any ear comfortably and securely. In the past, we didn't feel comfortable with in-ear headphones however the i7s are different. We are so confident that you will find them a great fit, that if you don't we will provide you with a 30-day full refund -no questions asked!

Portable Charging Case

The i7s features a portable charging case, so you'll never have to worry about running out of power. Using the included Portable Charging Case that holds and charges the earbuds, giving it extra battery life all from your pocket! You can even give your smartphone a partial charge when on the go using the included adapters!

High Sound Quality

Finally a wireless Bluetooth Earbud that produces True Stereo that sounds great! Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and an innovative design, the i7 Earbuds are driven by 8.6mm high power driver that delivers a deep bass, balanced mid-range and crystal clear treble for an immersive audio experience

Noise & Echo Cancellation

The i7 have a build in microphone and proprietary noise cancelling software that intelligently filters out background noise for perfect audio immersion while in noisy environments. The i7's have been designed primarily for music fans but with the built in microphone, it is possible to use the i7s for hands-free phones call and can control Siri! However please note this is a secondary feature and the i7s are not a dedicated Bluetooth hands-free receiver.

Audiyo i7 - Features

  • Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: No cable, just two ergonomic earbuds built with precision engineering for a truly stereo wireless earbud with an extraordinary high definition audio quality, perfect for workouts, commuting, running, gym sessions, walking and other activities, compatible with all Bluetooth devices includes iPhone 7 and includes a charging carry case (for on-the-go charging).
  • Bluetooth 4.1: Latest Bluetooth technology used in all of our products with the most advanced wireless connection, aptX supported to bring you the clearest CD-like audio quality
  • Hi-Fidelity Sound Quality: Clean,clear and a deep bass sound all in stereo created by 8.6mm high power drivers that deliver rich bass, balanced mid-range and crystal clear treble frequencies for an authentic musical experience across a frequency range of 6Hz - 22kHz
  • Portable Charging Case: These wireless earbuds last up to 2 hours listening to music on one charge, with the rechargeable charging case that when fully charged will holds additional 15 more charges for the earbuds giving more than 48 hours of listening time, giving you power for a full day of true wireless audio.
  • Ergonomic for the Perfect Fit: The shape and the stabilising design of the Audiyo's i7 Wireless earbuds have been carefully created according to the geometry of the ear to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Perfect for sports, commuting, cycling and other outdoor activities. Includes 4 x Silicone ear tips for a tight and secure fit.


Technical Specs:


Audio Sensitivity:100dBSPL

Wireless Operation Distance:<10m

Standby:100 hour

Talk Time:4 hrs

Music Play Time:2-2.5 hrs

Battery Capacity:earphone / 40mAh 3.7V;Charger/ 2000mAh 3.7V


What's in the box?

2 x Audiyo i7 Earbuds, 1 x AudiYo i7 Charging Case, 4 x Silicone ear tips for a tight, 1 x micro USB Charging Cable, 1 x USB adapter, 1 x Instructions.